Delray Beach

Frequently Asked Questions

DO I NEED A RESERVATION TO COME IN AND PAINT? Not necessary but it is highly recommended, specially during weekends

ARE PRICES ALL INCLUSIVE? No. There is a $8 studio fee per painter. The Studio Fee covers the glaze and firing process.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ME? Most items are priced around $20-$30 plus the studio fee.

DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS? Yes, There are weekly discounts on studio fees. 

THIS SEEMS EXPENSIVE…. We try very very hard to keep prices in line with the customer experience and the ability to stay in business. If you compare to a movie ticket with treats we fall in line with that options and you get to take home a great piece!


DO YOU HOST PARTIES? Yes we do! Parties are for 8+ people. You do need to make a reservation for parties

DO I HAVE TO PAINT IN THE STUDIO? No, You can stop by and choose your items and paint at home.

IS THERE AN AGE LIMIT? None, Any age can do this. Little ones may do it very quickly but if you don’t mind them just enjoying the experience we’re ready for them.

WHEN I’M DONE PAINTING CAN I TAKE MY PIECE HOME WITH ME THE SAME DAY? No, When you paint at a pottery studio you are using glazes. They need to be put into a kiln to set the glazes and make them food safe.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET MY PIECE BACK? It takes about 7-10 days (sometimes more during Holiday Breaks) 

CAN I GET AN ORDER RUSHED? Yes you can, We can almost always put your piece ahead of others if you need something fired and returned before. The quickest would be 72 hours and thats not always guaranteed and it costs an extra charge.

IF I’M PAINTING AT HOME CAN I USE MY OWN PAINTS? NO. NO. NO. NO. We use glazes on the pottery. NOT acrylic. Acrylic will not make it through the firing process and will RUIN your piece.

WHAT IF I TOOK MY PIECE HOME AND USED SOME OF MY OWN PAINTS ON IT ALONG WITH YOUR “PAINTS”? Remember, our paints are actually GLAZES. If you combine acrylic paints with glazes you have ruined your piece.

Have any specific questions or looking for information about private studio reservations, events, etc? Call the studio at 561-614-5933 or email

We look forward to painting with you!